Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Whatever Wednesday"

The Dollhouse Boutique
First things first; the logo for The Dollhouse Boutique is finally finished! This will be the "doll face" on sales tags, logo t-shirts, jewelry, button pins, and even iron on patches.

And this is who I have on my team, helping me express my art through graphic designing & digital art for the "Doll University" collection & the "Doll" t-shirt line. Her name is Tenisha E. I don't know where my collection would be whithout her -- She plays a BIG part here at the dollhouse -- our honorary doll!
 This illustration is from one of my old portfolios that I chose to use for a t-shirt collection that I'm going to name "All Dolled Up".

This is a finished drawing that I pulled to use for one of the "Doll University" t-shirts!
"Call me, maybe?"
Last, but not least; let me introduce you to my little sister, Tanieka (Nieka) Harris AKA "Peaches"! She has also joined The Dollhouse Boutique's team as a creative designer for the "Doll University" project!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Makeup Monday: Eyeshadow Shades

Another 'Doll Face' Tutorial
Myth: Only certain women can wear certain EYESHADOW shades according to their eye/skin color.

If applied properly, you can ROCK any COLOR you desire! Think of a color(s) that you'd never think to try, and I will show you how to apply it and OWN it in my next "MAKEUP MONDAY" tutorial video. Just reply to this post and tell me what BOLD-Fun looks that you dolls want to try! (Feel free to add a photo)
PS. I will announce which dolls look that I will give my tutorial on this "Whatever Wednesday"